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Furnature - Healthy Furnature for a healthier you Furnature - Healthy Furnature for a healthier you Furnature - Healthy Furnature for a healthier you Furnature - Healthy Furnature for a healthier you

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Earth-Friendly Furniture

Sporting turned legs, slender arms and high back, this formal sofa by Furnature looks like it's straight out of Grandma's parlor, but the company's goods are 100 percent chemical-free-no foam, no vinyl, no formaldehyde—and fabric options include a range of organic cottons.

Domino & TreeHugger Present: The Green List
by Collin Dunn, Seattle on 02.16.07

TreeHugger is proud to present the "Green List," the centerpiece for domino magazine's new green issue that's out today. We joined forces to realize the goal of decorating a house with the domino feel in a totally earth-friendly way, coming up with 125 companies and people that are leading the way for sustainable design of all kinds, from furniture and food to eco-travel and enlightened remodeling; over the next couple of weeks, we'll be shining a spotlight on each section. Some, you may have seen before on our pages; others are new to us and prove that there are lots of exciting products, materials, people and ideas that help close up the loop, produce less waste and infringe less harm. We're proud to have consulted, pleased with the results and hope that the issue will help continue to prove that green design can also be good design. ....[Read More]

Alicia Silverstone: Wentworth Loveseat with Velour Fabric
In Style Home - Spring 2007

At Alicia Silverstone's Los Angeles home, there's a running competition over who uses the least electricity. "My husband laughs at me," she says of her longtime love, rock musician Christopher Jarecki. "I go around unplugging things, so he loves it when I leave something on. He enjoys getting me back. We mock each other, and it's perfectly levely fun."...[Read More]

Best of Boston: Natural Selection
by Kate Grip Denon

If organic is good enough for your fruit and your cleanser, why not your furniture? At Furnature in Watertown, you can find all-natural pieces for any room in the house—sofas, ottomans, mattresses—and have them custom-made. ... [Read More]

USA Today: Pull up an organic chair and sink into living 'green'
By Bruce Horovitz, USA TODAY

First came organic food. Then, organic clothing. And now — better sit down — organic furniture. That's right, upholstered furniture and bedding free of common furniture, fabric and agricultural chemicals — from formaldehyde to chemical fire retardants. All the stuffing, upholstery fibers and wood in the furniture are certified to be chemical-free. Only a handful of companies make it. One of them, Furnature, in Watertown, Mass., recently opened one of the first retail showrooms dedicated to organic furniture. ...[Read More]

Color Me Greeniful
By Lynn Thorne, washintonpost.com

When Sarah Roberts set out to decorate her newborn's nursery, she wanted the best -- not just for her baby, but also for the environment....Mattresses, sofas, and many other types of furniture are commonly made with chemicals like formaldehyde, urethane foam and latex, which are not only bad for the environment but are linked to health problems like allergies and asthma. Furnature.com offers pieces made without chemicals, dyes, toxins or polymers. Beanproducts.com uses pure hemp, organic cotton and other natural and recycled materials to make a full line of furniture and accessories...[Read More]

Elle Magazine: Green House Effect
Kerry Washington and Eco-stylist Danny Seo

A PIONEER OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL MOVEMENT BEFORE HE COULD VOTE, DANNY SEO NOW HELPS FRIENDS LIKE ACTRESS KERRY WASHINGTON FIND STYLE WITH A CONSCIENCE. When actresses hit it big, who can blame them if the first item on their agenda is a shopping spree: Think platinum card, Fred Segal, a wait-listed croc megabag. But Kerry Washington has a different vision for her world....[Read More]

Green House

With the mainstreaming of sustainable design has come a dramatic increase in new green materials and products. Such green materials create houses that are good for their occupants’ health and bank accounts, as well as the environment. Whether building a new house or apartment or renovating an existing one, green materials are essential. By building, renovating, and equipping your home with green materials, you can preserve natural resources such as old-growth forests and fresh water systems. Selecting green materials typically involves an assessment of a product’s environmental impact over its life cycle. This process tracks the raw materials used to make a product; its manufacturing process; its transportation; its performance when it is used; and its disposal, reuse, or recycling options. ...[Read More]

by LINDA MATCHAN, The Boston Globe - May 18, 2006

Jeannette Kearney believes in sustainable design. So when she and her husband, Craig Reingold, moved here from California three years ago and built a house in Lexington, they decided to go green all the way. They used environmentally friendly materials, like bamboo for the floors because it's quickly replenished; and wheatboard cabinets because they're formaldehyde-free. They installed a concrete countertop in the kitchen because it doesn't emit, or "off-gas," many chemicals, and painted the walls with nontoxic paints. Just for fun, she installed a colorful mosaic made from recycled glass in the foyer floor. ...[Read More]

Organic solutions Research and tenacity results in a line of chemical-free furniture for allergy sufferers
by Patti Doten, The Boston Globe - May 7, 1998

Fred and Barry Shapiro had good reason to celebrate. Armed with a bottle of champagne, the president and senior vice president of Furnature in Brighton jumped into Fred's car three years ago and followed one of their trucks to Belmont, where they were going to deliver a sofa to a client. They don't usually accompany such deliveries and certainly don't send along bottles of champagne. But this was no ordinary sofa. The Shapiros, first cousins once removed, had spent the preceding 3 1/2 years researching and then assembling this sofa -- an upholstered piece that was completely chemical-free. The client was a woman suffering from multiple chemical sensitivity. "She was standing in the door laughing because Fred had turned his bullhorn on, and it was playing some tune to announce our arrival," says Barry, 45. ...[Read More]

Decorating with eco-style. (environment-friendly furniture)
by Wilke, Anne W., November 1, 1996

Right now, you're probably sitting comfortably on your living room couch reading this magazine. Innocuous as it may seem, that couch is steadily releasing toxins. From chemically treated fabrics and wood bases to residual pesticides, bleaches and toxic glues, modern furniture can be a potential chemical trap. "People want healthy alternatives, but they just haven't thought about it with furniture," says Lynn Marie Bower, ...[Read More]

Building Our "Green" House
By Lisa Sharkey - Good Housekeeping

The day Paul Gleicher and Lisa Sharkey closed on their new house, an 1885 New York City brownstone that was in "horrendous shape," according to Paul, was doubly important: It was also their anniversary. And, perhaps in part because of the portentous date, the couple decided to do more than just renovate the townhouse ...[Read More]

Green Dream Home
By Hillary Geronemus - Body + Soul, June 2007

When Craig Reingold and Jeannette Kearney first started house-hunting in 2004 after relocating from San Francisco to Boston, their initial goal was simple: find something comfortable and spacious in a family-friendly neighborhood. They fell in love with a spot in Lexington, a posh suburb 11 miles from downtown -- but since the house had unrepairable damage, they would have to tear it down and rebuild. Up for the challenge, the couple and their two daughters, Kaya, 9, and Madison, 10, settled into a rental house across the street and prepared for the long haul of construction....[Read More]

Smarten Up. (EcoSmart Healthy Properties)
By Jennifer Bobo, EcoSmart Technologies - January 1, 2000

Wall Street is one of the world’s most evocative addresses, but one thing it does not bring to mind is environmental sustainability. That may soon change with a showroom of green technology right smack in the middle of New York City’s financial district, out to prove that good economic and environmental sense are not mutually exclusive ideas. Located at 40 Wall Street, on the 23rd floor of the ornate Trump Building, EcoSmart Properties is a prime showcase for energy-efficient technology and healthy, sustainable building products. And everyone is invited to come take a look -- from developers, architects and designers, to contractors and the general public....[Read More]

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