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Organic Furniture Furnature - Healthy Furnature for a healthier you Furnature - Healthy Furnature for a healthier you Furnature - Healthy Furnature for a healthier you
Furnature - Healthy Furnature for a healthier you Furnature - Healthy Furnature for a healthier you Furnature - Healthy Furnature for a healthier you Furnature - Healthy Furnature for a healthier you

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Four Generations of Furniture Makers
Dedicated to Creating Healthy Environments

Furnature is a pioneer from the early 1990s when it offered the first organic furniture and bedding products. The initial foray into the marketplace consisted of upholstered furniture free of toxins, organic and natural. The pieces were healthful for humans and gentle on the environment. Since its inception, Furnature has continued to build investment quality pieces that are sustainable, meant to last for generations and are truly beneficial for people and the environment. We never deviate from this practice; our desire is to soon produce our collections in high volume and at lower prices to make them affordable to more people, as we all deserve good health and clean air.

The word green, which is very popular today, is ambiguous and we prefer to be more precise about our offerings and their components. We also cannot separate the health of the environment from the physical and emotional health of the people who borrow from this world. Both suffer when we choose to poison the atmosphere. We at Furnature understand that our environmental conscience is no longer a choice, but a necessity, if we expect better health and prosperity for future generations.

Our values and commitment to a healing world permeate all aspects of our business, from employee, supplier and customer satisfaction to our packaging materials, office supplies and choice of suppliers. We are a small company with a very big responsibility to ourselves and to our clientele.

Fred Shapiro and Barry Shapiro represent the third and fourth generations of a family tradition in furniture making. Their family immigrated to Boston, Massachusetts, from Russia in 1920 and established Brighton Upholstering and Brighton Mattress Company. They made custom mattresses and upholstered furniture for families living in the Greater Boston Area.

Today, we are a full-service home decorating company offering furniture, reupholstering, slipcovers, window treatments and custom cushions made in our own workshops. The company has over 50,000 different fabrics in stock.

In the spring of 1994, our firm received a request for a custom sofa from a woman that would change the face of our business. Her immune system was compromised after her home was exterminated for pests. She became so ill that she couldn't tolerate ordinary furniture and bedding. After three years of extensive research, the first sofa using all chemical-free ingredients was produced and Furnature™ was born.

Today, Furnature™ manufactures an extensive line of chairs, sofas, loveseats, and ottomans, as well as mattresses and bedding for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Unfortunately, Chemical Sensitivity is a growing problem throughout the world. Many healthy, ecology conscious individuals are also purchasing our products because they prefer to live in a clean, unpolluted environment.

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